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How to Avoid Being Conned When Buying a New Car

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 9 Aug 2015 | comments*Discuss
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We've all heard stories of dodgy car salesmen, it's a well known epithet. There are certain rules you should follow to ensure you don't become a victim of one of these negatively stereotyped individuals. Thankfully not all car dealers are a bad bunch, there are those (as with any trade) that are fantastic at their jobs. Here we help you avoid mishaps when dealing with those less scrupulous types.

Shop Around and Set a Budget

Firstly - and this may seem obvious - shop around and decide on a budget. Don't go to one car dealership and make a purchase. A new car is a huge expense for most people, so with this in mind, it makes complete sense to shop around before you buy. Research your purchase prior to even visiting any car dealerships. Go online and look up those models you like the look of and make a point of going and seeing them firsthand.

Often, a car will appear very different in reality to one you may have seen online or advertised in the newspaper. Once you have researched and decided on what suits you, it's time to head out and do the footwork. Don't be afraid to take notes with you, prices, deals available elsewhere etc. These things can help you clinch a good deal.

First Steps in the Car Dealership

Once in a car dealership, remember selling you a car is where salespeople earn their wages. Due to this, they will tell you a lot of things, generally that the car you're looking at is the best car in the world. Regardless of the car, whether it's a Ferrari or a Skoda, one rule remains the same, as soon as you drive it away from the place of purchase, its value has dropped by quite a percentage. This means getting a great deal at purchase is very important.

  • Spend time browsing - don’t seek out a sales person, let them come to you
  • Hang back with information - let the sales person work for their sale
  • Always have information or brochures with you on other cars. This lets them know you’re not necessarily sticking to one make and are happy to shop around

Being Aware of the Hard Sell and the “Con”

The word con immediately sounds unfair, like a crime, but some dealerships won't see selling you a car at the most they can get for it as a con, they'll see it as good business. For this reason follow some simple rules to ensure you go in armed and dangerous with knowledge. A sales person may start off with the soft sell, but ultimately will push the hard sell at you the longer they have you engaged, so watch for it and be aware of it.

  • Check prices with multiple dealers prior to leaving your home. Check the RRP of any vehicle you're looking at. Don't be afraid to use this pricing information to barter for the best price, play the dealers off against one another.
  • Try and sound like you know more about the car than they do. Always take the car for a test drive, don't purchase on viewing alone.
  • Always check ALL terms of any financial agreement you are signing and do not feel forced to sign ("oh this is the last one, you'd better sign now").
  • If you're trading in a vehicle, mention this last, get the full on the road price of the new vehicle first, then you'll know what deal you're getting for your trade in.

The best way to avoid being conned is to be educated and in control. Don't be pushed around and don't take everything the sales person says as the gospel. Do your homework and go in armed.

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On4/8/2015I Brought a Vauxhall Zafria1600 vunleader Reg DK51 WWC the person i spoke to said the car was okdidnt no id been conned out of 800 pound has it wasnt till i got home the car shouldnt have been on the roadBould tyres all Brake pipes corrender so to me they new a bout this car has the person i spoke to sat morning a bout the state of the Vauxhall Zafria new the person that car belong to
SPUDDER - 9-Aug-15 @ 6:11 PM
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