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How Close Can you Legally Park Next to Another Car?

By: Tracy Wilkinson - Updated: 17 Sep 2020 | comments*Discuss
Parking Problems Blocked In Resident


I work in a nursery where on both sides there are houses, the road is a public road on one side is double yellow lines and the other has nothing, just public. The problem I is I park early in a morning (7.20am) and leave around 4pm. There is a resident who always parks 1 inch from my car, which on a number of occassions I have had to pull forward and reverse a number of times to squeeze out of the space I have parked.

I know that the resident isn't happy about the parking (as the whole street isn't happy) and I plan to change my parking space. I am not obstructing any driveways or even access to their homes and I don't park on the pavement. the resident also pulls extremely close to my car although there is space for another 2 cars infront of theirs.

I can understand that this can be frustrating, but the road is public and there is no marked spaces or a permit system in place.

Is there a law on how close you can park to another car?

(Miss jane robertson, 8 October 2008)


Parking can be a real problem around workplaces, and there's nothing worse than spending the day trying to get on with your work while worrying about your car - whether you're getting a ticket or whether you're parked in the right place.

If the road is a public road with no road markings, lines or signage to signify that you are not allowed to park there, then it would seem that you are perfectly within your rights to do so. Although it may be frustrating to the residents that live along that road, if you are parking properly and not causing an obstruction, then there isn't actually a great deal that they can do about it, other than try to intimidate you into parking in a different spot.

The Highway code stipulates that anyone parking on-street should always be facing the direction the road travels rather than against the flow of traffic, and that if they are parking within 30 ft of a junction, then there should be lights on at night to indicate their presence to other motorists.

As there are no parking bays and you are parking on a public road, there is no minimum requirement that details how far away you need to park. It's more of a 'common sense' approach than a legal requirement, but it is expected that drivers will offer other motorists the courtesy of having enough space to safely manoeuvre out of a parking space or place - and the advice given is usually along the lines of 'tyres and tarmac' (i.e. you should be able to see all the tyres and the road beneath the car parked in front of you.). Still, if there are a lot of people parking on a small stretch of road, then parking distances are likely to be shorter, so that more people can squeeze in.

Unfortunately, in the same way that the residents don't have any right to dictate where you park along the public stretch of road, then neither do you. You could call the police and report the car as an obstruction if you are unable to get out of the space and onto the road, but that isn't likely to improve relations between you and the resident in question. In this case, you may be better off trying to find somewhere else to park, or just make up your mind to grin and bear it!!

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17 yrs my neighbour liked to park on my bonnet, or even in it I think! no room to get out. I'm a carerfor my parent's it would be impossible for me to get out in an emergency dispite them having 4ft in front of there car,. NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL FOR 17YRS
Mandy - 17-Sep-20 @ 12:16 AM
One of my neighbors always loves to park bumper to bumper and this gives me no space to get out i do not know what to do???it is so frustrating every time.
amandaxxxxx - 16-Apr-20 @ 3:27 PM
Myneighbour park his carin a disable baywithout displaying a blue badgehe drove his car out of the bay and parked bumper to bumper.is he allowed to do that and what can I do ? I know he is also trying to intimidate meI am adisable personand can not gain access to the boot of my vehicle.
G - 15-Feb-20 @ 9:20 AM
My neighbour park close to my car if i try to get things out my trunk i hit there car what can i do
Lynn - 14-Feb-20 @ 9:50 PM
Builder van has been here over night and i cant get out to go to work. What can I do
Rigsby - 20-Jan-20 @ 9:46 PM
A neighbour parks sitting on my bumper is this allowed do I inform police? pat
Tarmac - 13-Nov-19 @ 5:45 PM
My neighbours park there car with huge space behind and In front not enough to park our car then run out and move it so they can park her husbands work van ??
Numptybum - 22-Oct-19 @ 8:25 PM
My neighbour parks there car bumper to bumper and it’s so annoying. They have 4 cars and the minute I move my car they move there car outside my house as a bit is not a dropped kerb. Regardless when I do park outside my house they park bumper to bumper so it don’t cause them inconvenienceto park up or down the road. This cases me anxiety as sometimes I feel I may hit the car but they are making it extremely difficult for me. They constantly watch outside the window or cctv and do it to me most the time or our opposite neighbour. They even bought a cheap car and dumped it outside my neighbours. Inconsiderate totally.
Sham - 18-Sep-19 @ 7:38 PM
In my area the non Muslims get targeted their car are boxed in never mind about 2 inches from the bumper, that would be a luxury, here the Polish old women, the Sikh, the Hindus have cars where you could not sneak in a single sheet of paper! They park into my disabled bay I have contacted the Police, the Council, the Crime and Anti Social behaviour unit all of the call center staff, bar the Council were initially enthusiastic to help. However on chasing this up and even contacting my MP and councillors they refused to get involved. Later an insider told me from the Police that the MP was too scared has he would loose his block vote. He refused even to give me 20 minutes in a year to mmet so I could tackle the situation of how a Nurse was killed due to the stupid parking, Yet he always finds the time to attend every Friday in the Muslim holly month to break the fast with them and get a photo opportunitty with the papers, he isnt even Muslim! But he get thier vote. about 10 years ago the Traffic warden ticket illegally parked cars, and the Imam and worshippers went to City Hall in Leicester and got all the tickets revoked and the Traffic Warden fired! The Police and I have it in writing have refused to take action due to upseting the Muslim Communitty.This will probably upset the moderatators but it is a well known fact that in Islamic areas there seem to be one law of them and another for others. The local Sargent is Muslim, the representative the Council apportioned to deal with the problem was Muslim! I can fully understand why most of the non whites, the Sikhs, Hindus, even the Eastern Europeans moved excpet those too poor to move!
JamieO - 6-Sep-19 @ 8:45 PM
People on this website are either can't use a keyboard or are drunk af. A lot of the points they are making are relevant but the meaning is completely taken away from them typing like i pfarkd me kar and den the persan parfdnext tu it buuu hoooo
Manny - 17-Aug-19 @ 12:55 AM
My neighbors don’t like that I park In front of their house , which is a public road I told them anyone can park their as well as they can park in front of my parents house . Well this time they backed their car in front of mines and another truck behind it and I was literally boxed in, called the cops at 4 am and they knocked on their door they didn’t want to answer so they were gonna tow those 2 cars and an extra one that wasn’t invovled, sometimes let the law do the work for you
Kev - 11-Aug-19 @ 4:03 AM
Hi, I getting really fed up with one young lady parking so close to my boot of my car that I can't even see her number plate, let alone open my boot of the car. Last night see didn't even leave room for the car behind to get out. How she got in I will never know. Normally she leaves enough room so she can get out. I have been driving for over fifty years and have never seen anything like it. If I went to the police could they do anything about it. I do take photos.
Nannieplum - 7-Aug-19 @ 6:50 AM
I have a very bright coloured car and yet people seem to always be blocking me in on a public road inches from front and rear. Makes itimpossible to maneuver out . Surely there must be something that can be done about this.
Rach76 - 4-Jul-19 @ 7:13 PM
My neighbour parks her car on the back bumper of my car even though they have a 30-40ft drive, police been up numerous times to tell them it is an offence but still happening got cctv & photos but pcso officers don't seem to b able to do anything, what can I do to get them to stop?
GorbilsGirl - 24-Mar-19 @ 10:22 PM
We have on street parking where I live. Plenty of spaces always. We were given a disabled bay due to my daughter being disabled and being a blue badge holder. My neighbour keeps parking an inch from my boot so I can't get stuff in or out. On occasions so parks half over the bay or her partner park over it and up to my car so I can't get out of the space or can't get in it if I'm out. Where she parks isn't even level with her house and no need for her to park there. Isn't there some reasonable distance she should be leaving between us? It's making life very difficult.
Tink - 7-Feb-19 @ 4:36 PM
I rent the bay next to my house from the council. So I have a brick wall one side then my neighbors car the other. They park so close to my car that they have to put their wing mirror in to stop it going over the white line. There is plenty of room her side. She doesn’t park like this when shopping etc. I’ve gone to the local council and all they say is, if this carries on we will both lose our parking spaces, which I think is very unfair as I haven’t done anything. When I first got the bay they had the council down measuring it. But I done exactly what I was allowed. In fact I did try to buy the land like a neighbor up the road did. Council said first yes then no. Then I tried to renting both bay so I could take down the wall and park our cars in my garden as it is large. This would have taken three cars off the road etc plus the extra car of my girls boyfriends. I was told yes then no again. All I’ve tried to do isalleviate the problems with the parking around here, with even suggestions of making parking bay for the bungalows round the back as there is room. Hence taking three more cars of the road. But it seems to me they don’t want to listen. Yet they redesignan area again that is similar to what they took down. Money wasting ???? All I’m asking for BRAINTREE DISTRICT COUNCIL is for some common sense. Not to ring up just to be told by one of your staff how hard it is for her to park????
Hottie - 29-Jan-19 @ 9:01 AM
When a car has been deliberately parked in a way which causes problems for other drivers, is it allowed to leave a note on the windscreen explaining your displeasure? The note being an A4 sheet of adhesive paper (sticky label) placed directly in front on the driver.Would this be classed as vandalism?
Sam - 25-Jul-18 @ 7:52 PM
angelinaballerina - Your Question:
We park our car off rd.on our drive.my son also has a car that he parks on the street.neighbours are complaining that as we have a drive that because they can't park at it that my son is taking away someone's parking space and he should be parking across the front of our drive as thats the only space were entitled to park at.if he does that then our car is blocked in.are we correct to say hes entitled to a space as he can't block our car in on our driveway.

Our Response:
If it's a public road, the usual parking rules apply to anyone whether they live there or not. It's not illegal, but is a little discourteous to refuse to park on your driveway if there is space or to refuse to park across your driveway to make space for other people (simply because you can't be bothered to move one of your vehicles when the other person needs to go out etc).
SaferMotoring - 13-Feb-18 @ 2:38 PM
We park our car off rd.on our drive.my son also has a car that he parks on the street.neighbours are complaining that as we have a drive that because they can't park at it that my son is taking away someone's parking space and he should be parking across the front of our drive as thats the only space were entitled to parkat.if he does that then our car is blocked in.are we correct to say hes entitled to a space as hecan'tblock our car in onour driveway.
angelinaballerina - 11-Feb-18 @ 11:27 PM
Please can someone advise me on the parking distance between 2 parked cars. My neighbour has parked in front of my vehicle, leaving approx 2inch space.
Jewsel - 21-Jan-18 @ 5:01 PM
Dera - Your Question:
Hi I live in a close where there is 4 car parking spaces marked out I've just moved in the area they are not allocated spaces but the neighbours have claimed them as their own I parked in a space and one of them blocked me in, like I said it's a close and not an open road I said they causing an obstruction and they said well don't park in my space and said if I park there again they will do the same again is this against the law.

Our Response:
Check your deeds, who owns the spaces? The council, the developer who built the properties? A management company? Are there limits to the number of spaces each resident can use, even if they're not allocated? You need to find all of this out then you can take it further (legally) if you are blocked in.
SaferMotoring - 20-Nov-17 @ 1:51 PM
Hi I live in a close where there is 4 car parking spaces marked out I've just moved in the area they are not allocated spaces but the neighbours have claimed them as their own I parked in a space and one of them blocked me in, like I said it's a close and not an open road I said they causing an obstruction and they said well don't park in my space and said if I park there again they will do the same again is this against the law.
Dera - 19-Nov-17 @ 12:09 PM
Neighbour deliberately blocks my car in , we have CCTV evidence of him doing this on several occasions , can Police do anything about him?
Mark22 - 25-Sep-17 @ 9:48 AM
can you tell me what is the legal distance you must keep from another car when parking side by side where no parking bays have been marked out. the reason i am asking is my wife was repoted to the local police by one of our neighbours (how is a lest say very large lady) for obstructing access to her vehicle. There was plenty of room for a person to fit through.
mitch - 23-Aug-17 @ 6:07 PM
You can call the police or take video and photos, without evidence you don't have much to back yourself up with, or you could just smash there windshield, windows, tires and pretty much wreck their car and because they don't have a photo of you doing it, you will most likely get away with false statements ??Then you laugh at them??
Answer man - 19-Apr-17 @ 7:27 AM
can you tell us is my neighbour committing an offence by parking up against my cars to the point they" re touching ,he parked up against my Mercedes the other day and the number plate was bending. At some point they are going to damage one of our vehicles. There is more than enough room for them to park without them parking anywhere near us. ,is there anything we can do , many thanks David
dont have one - 8-Apr-17 @ 3:56 PM
Hi Can anyone please advise me if the change in law regarding booster seats has any implications for ustransporting primary school age children on a minibus? Thank you
Newby2054 - 14-Feb-17 @ 1:53 PM
Hi my neighbour had 2 cars and a van which is fine but when parking outside my and there house there is parking bays and they keep parking over the white line into my parking bay cm away from my car I am a new driver and have a very small car and always park centre of the bat to give me plenty of room Is there anything I can do as they do t do it to the other neighbours just me and very intimidating Is there a law that they have to park within the bay ?? There forever blocking me out of the street but I know I can't do anything about that Thanks
Lod - 18-Jan-17 @ 11:30 AM
I havealong standing problem with people who actually park at least 50% into my disabled bay. The people actually objected to the panning permission I need to obtain the disabled bay. The road belong to the Queen. and is called her Majesty's Highway so why am I having to ask for their planning permission? Yet they do not need panning permission to have or extend a dropped a kerb. What gives? I have reported this to the Council but they care not. My neighbor said he need to park their car close to their house as they had small children who could not negotiate 7 meters of road but they have no problem walking 1000 m to the local Mosque. They park so cannot get a cigarette paper between my bumpers let alone my wheel chair. I have to call a friend who has to maneuver the car so I can get in and out. He said what kind of mindless twit parks so close an in inside a disabled bay? Peoplelike this should be deprived of their cars and shariah law be implemented an their hands and feet be removed.Anti social vermin
iodine - 25-Dec-16 @ 10:25 PM
Hi....can you give me any advice please. We have this neighbour who works away. She has her everyday car parked outside her own home, which is ok. Her husband has a works van which he parks over the road, which is also ok,no problem there! But when they are both working away, their son (who has MANY different cars) parks about 6 of his cars in my street and when my car is parked, he parks within millimetres from my car!!!....He doesn't do this to any other neighbour in the street just me!...he even parks this close when the whole street is empty. I know he's just doing to "try" and intimated me but my car has become full of scratches and one is so deep that it can't be fixed by myself....I know this damage is from him but I can't prove it... I just wanna know if there is anything I can do to stop him from parking all his cars in my street? Oh and he doesn't even live in my street. Thank you
Little Poo Poo - 4-Dec-16 @ 3:22 PM
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