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Leaving Your Vehicle Unattended

By: Sally Aquire - Updated: 28 Aug 2016 | comments*Discuss
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Around half a million cars are stolen in the UK every year. Almost half of those are never seen again by their owners. How do you discourage thieves from stealing your parked car?

Here is some advice on how to keep your car safe from thieves while you park;

  1. Remove Your Car Keys

    It might sound obvious, but a significant number of car break-ins happen because the owner left their keys in the car.

    Avoid keeping a spare set of keys in the car. These can be easily found by a thief, who will more than likely take the extra time to search for them.

  2. Lock Your Car

    A lot of car crime is a result of leaving your car unlocked.

  3. Don't Park in The Dark

    30% of car crime happens in car parks and a lot of this takes place at night.

    Avoid parking in a deserted car park. If potential witnesses are around, your car is less likely to be stolen - thieves prefer no-one seeing them.

    When you return to your car, it's a good idea to make sure that the tyres, spare tyre and battery are the same ones you arrived with.

  4. Never Leave The Engine Running

    Cars are often stolen outside petrol stations, cash machines and local stores, when the driver has briefly stopped for something.

    Thieves often strike when a driver has left the engine on to warm up the car.

    Don't leave your engine running, even if you'll only be gone for a matter of seconds - a thief only needs a few seconds to pounce.

  5. Close Your Car Windows

    Leaving your windows open makes it simpler for a thief to get into your car.

  6. Hide Valuables

    Don't leave valuables out on display. This is virtually asking for trouble. Leave them in the locked boot or glove box instead.

  7. Park in Your Garage

    Almost half of all car crime happens right outside the house so make use of garage space if you have it. Don't leave your car outside and visible to thieves, unless you have no other alternative.

    Lock the garage as well as your car doors to make things more secure.

  8. Disable Your Car During Lengthy Absences

    If you're going to be leaving your car for any great length of time, consider disabling certain parts of the engine to stop a thief from being able to drive off.

  9. Convert to Straight Locks

    T-shaped door locks meant that thieves can break into your car with less hassle.

    Switching to straight locks reduces the chances of this.

  10. Get Your VIN Put on The Windows

    Having your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) etched onto your car windows makes it easier for your car to be tracked if stolen.

  11. Get Your ID Put on Car Accessories

    Having your personal ID etched onto accessories such as the car stereo means thieves will find it more difficult to get rid of the offending item.

  12. Added Protection From Thieves

    • Hood locks prevent your security system and battery being openly available to thieves.
    • Steering wheel locks don't allow the steering wheel to be turned by someone who doesn't have the key.
    • Vehicle tracking allows the police to track your car via a hidden transmitter.
    • Floorboard locks disable the gas or brake buttons.
    • Wheel locks prevent the car from moving.
These optional security measures can be fairly expensive, but are worth every penny if you're serious about keeping your car safe from thieves.

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My car apparently dented another vehicle which somehow was at end of street when I was parked in middle. Don't understand how as never seen it move. It was locked and handbrake on. Neighbour of the vehicle it hit said boys had pushed to avoid main road and had put bricks on my front wheels not to move. Var never moved when they removed handbrake on strong. Their have notified insurers, can you give me advise please
N/a - 28-Aug-16 @ 2:28 PM
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