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By: Sally Aquire - Updated: 26 Sep 2017 | comments*Discuss
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If you own a car that is at least three years old, you are legally obliged to book it in for a Ministry of Transport (MoT) test to prove that it is roadworthy. You won't be called for an MoT test or notified when the next one is due, so it is up to you to make sure that your vehicle has an annual inspection.

What is an MoT test?

The person who carries out your MoT test must be authorised by the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA). He or she will do a full inspection of the vehicle, including checks to the inside, outside, underside and underneath the bonnet. Your vehicle will only pass the full test if the tester ticks all of these areas off on the form. If your vehicle does not meet the required standards, you will be given a VT30 document to confirm that it has failed the MoT test. In some cases, the tester may highlight areas that have passed the test, but still need checking on a regular basis.

What Happens if My Car Doesn't have an MOT Test?

It is against the law to drive a car that has not passed an MoT test (and therefore does not have an MoT certificate to confirm this). It is now even easier for VOSA and the police to check your MoT status as a result of the computerised MoT systems that have recently been introduced.

You are likely to be given a fine if you do not have an MoT certificate. It may also affect insurance claims in the future, unless you can prove that your vehicle was roadworthy when the accident happened. You will not receive any penalty points on your driving license. Depending on your driving history, you could receive a summons, but it is unlikely that you would have to attend a court hearing in person.

Attending the MoT

When you take your vehicle for its MoT, make sure that you also have your Vehicle Registration Document (V5). It is also advisable to take payment along (cash or credit card). For most road cars, it costs £50.35 for an MoT.

What Happens if I am not Happy with My Car's MoT Results?

If you feel that your MoT tester did not do an adequate or correct job, you should speak to the garage that carried out your MoT to see if there is anything that you have misunderstood. If repairs to your car are needed, you should postpone these in case the result was wrong. If you are still unhappy, you can contact VOSA.

Appeal forms (VT17) are available at MoT testing centres. Alternatively, you obtain a form by contacting VOSA. The appeal form needs to be sent back within 14 days of your vehicle's MoT. You also need to send VOSA the payment for a new MoT. They will schedule a new MoT for your vehicle, and if your appeal is upheld, the money will be refunded to you. It is important not to have any repairs carried out on your vehicle before the rescheduled MoT, as this could affect the result of your appeal.

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Chris_26 - Your Question:
Hi all just wondering can I MOT my mainland uk reg car in northern ireland.I am from irish republic but living in london.many thanks

Our Response:
It your car is registered in the UK to a UK address, then any UK MOT station (including those in Northern Ireland) should be fine.
SaferMotoring - 27-Sep-17 @ 2:56 PM
Hi all just wondering can i MOT my mainland uk reg car in northern ireland....I am from irish republic but living in london ....many thanks
Chris_26 - 26-Sep-17 @ 8:18 AM
I took my car for an MOT by mistake it in not need one until july 2015 should the garage have noticed this and not gone ahead.
Gilly - 13-Aug-14 @ 11:23 AM
Is it just me or are there suddenly a massive rash of cars and vans with only one headlight or worse no lights at all on one side. I passed eight this morning coming towards me on the way to the gym (about 2 miles away). I am not sure of the maths but maybe the statistics might indicate that some MOT tests are not as thorough as they should be or how could so many vehicles regularly be defective like this?
Rowbow - 11-Feb-14 @ 11:38 AM
Hi I have always used the same garage for work carried out on my 4x4 and always had the mot done there for the last 4 years, I was told that my car needed the brake lines doing as they had all corroded to pass the mot, they carried out the work and for over 2 years always had problems since with the brakes failing. I have spent a small fortune on each time the car has gone back to the garage always to do with the brakes. They still passed tho on mots untill this yr the brakes were really bad they couldnt fix them they couldnt find the problem so I had no alternative but to take my car elsewhere the garage looked at everything and then found the problem my brake lines that were fitted over 2 yrs ago had been connected up wrong, The garage gave me an explanation in writing on what was wrong and what they had to do to put it right to take back to the garage that had done them wrong. I confronted the garage and they said that I should of brought the car back to them I replied I did and you couldnt fix them so I had to take it elsewhere, Then the boss at the garage got the mechanic to call the arage that had fixed my car and more or less admitted they had done the lines but somebody could of done them after them, the man that had fixed my car replied them brake lines have not been touched in years they were all green so in his opinion they had made a boob and should hold there hand up and take full responsibility, then the mechanic also rang my husband the same day and said he dosent know how it has happened because he takes the lines off one by one but he was using the mans words that he had used whilst talking to him he also admitted he had done them because it was on the computer and said look Grahem the owner of the garage is on holiday till Thursday and he will sort it hes a fair man. On the owners return he contacted my husband and asked him to go to the garage he went and oh boy was he prepared he had printed off all the last 3 yrs mots and advisorys and then said we did not carry out that work on your car because it wasnt in the book, my husband replied you did and your mecanic even admitted to myself and the garage because he had looked on the computer first to see if they had done the work before he rang. Anyway it turns out it was a cash sale and looks as tho the job hasnt even gone through the books he said proove it and come back with a reciept which I dont now have. I feel so sick inside as I have had that many near missed with my brakes just failing and the thought of my children been in the car I was told the car was a death trap but i kept going to the same garage and they kept doing different work to my car disks pads callipers ect but not once did they go to the problem they had caused in the first place all the time it was my brake lines, what I cant understand how as the car passed 2 mots since at the same garage when the brakes have been failng all this time they clearly havent checked te lines or they have and because they have
iceycles - 5-Jul-13 @ 2:06 AM
Hi there need some help just bought a used car of gum tree and had a mechanic look at it and he told me it should have never passed its mot and also the miles have been clocked is there any way I can get my money back thanks
Annie - 4-Feb-13 @ 8:52 AM
does anybody know when annual MOT's for private cars over 3 years old first began.
freddie - 13-Jul-12 @ 5:25 PM
just got pulled over for no m o t it was un oversight car is going for a test tomorrow should pass as i look after the car like a baby i was told by the officer that its a standerd £60 fine do i have to pay this even if the car pass.
stacky - 7-Jun-12 @ 10:14 PM
Hi, Me and a group of friends hired a Limo/Party bus for Royal Ascot a couple of weeks ago, 2 of the seats were actually broken the driver had to put them back on before had even left he never ran through any safety points with us which i think is terrible, None of the seat belts actually worked, And also the owner of the company quoted it was a 15 seat bus but was only 14 seat, The bus was definatly unsafe, I Have informed and complaned to the company but they are not bothered. I got asked to inform your self. many Thanks Sam
Sam Branson - 27-Jun-11 @ 6:06 PM
I cannot find any reference to unequal wheels on the same axle. Can this be clarified, please
bayleaf-123 - 30-May-11 @ 11:11 PM
What are the new proposals concerning MOT testing?
bri - 20-Apr-11 @ 12:40 PM
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